The 3 Best Places to Go in Dorset in a VW Campervan

The 3 Best Places to Go in Dorset in a VW Campervan

Sunday 3rd February 2019

Dorset is a great place to visit in a VW campervan. The Jurassic Coast has an abundance of beautiful places to explore, so if you are planning VW campervan hire in the South West, we recommend spending some time in this bountiful county! A VW T6 camper is a home on wheels, and the great thing about that is that you can park up anywhere, pull out the camping table and chairs, open a bottle of red and enjoy the view in comfort and style.

Make the trip a memorable one and visit 3 of the best places to go in Dorset in a VW camper.

1. Sherborne Castle

Located just 15-minutes away from the pick-up/parking point for our VW campervan hire in Somerset, [Sherborne Castle] can be the first stop on your tour of Dorset. This historic house is surrounded by 42-acres of beautiful gardens and a 50-acre lake; a perfect setting for long walks and a picnic. Parking is located right outside the house and is suitable for campervans. Whether it's nature, art, history or eating a delicious cream tea that you enjoy, there's something for everyone to enjoy here.

2. Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay is perfect for VW campervans - it's the secret gem that many campervan owners travel to in the warmer months to enjoy a day out by the coast. Arrive at Kimmeridge early to get a spot in the front row of the car park, which affords you an incredible view of the bay. You can see the beach and Clavell Tower from this vantage point. Park up on the grass and set-up the awning, camping table and chairs. You can use a portable BBQ and enjoy a cold beverage with the breeze from the sea washing over you.

This is a favourite spot for VW campervans, so you will likely find your hire vehicle in a row of them! Being in a VW camper makes you feel like you are part of the VDub community - look out for waves from VW campervan drivers when you're on the road!

3. Lulworth Cove/Durdle Door

These are two of the best places to visit in Dorset and are often the places thought of first when people think of Dorset. It's quite expensive to park (the maximum fee for the entire day is £9), but it's well-worth it. Lulworth is a place that shouldn't be missed if your VW campervan hire takes you through South Dorset. Plus, there's a lovely walk from the Lulworth carpark to Durdle Door, so you can tick off two Dorset landmarks in one day!

Enjoy fish and chips and delicious ice-cream on the pebble beach in Lulworth Cove before stretching your legs and walking to behold the famous natural limestone "door" on the Jurassic Coast. You have to tackle a slightly steep hill, but the views from the top are remarkable.

Equally, you could do this trip the other way around and park at Durdle Door; the parking costs are the same as both are part of the Lulworth Estate.

To discuss VW campervan hire in the South West, or to find out the availability of our VW T6 California, contact Ocean Breeze Campers today on 07969 720621 or email us. We offer a personal, friendly service. Your next self-drive holiday adventure awaits!