5 Things To Do & Pack When Travelling in a Campervan to the Scottish Highlands

5 Things To Do & Pack When Travelling in a Campervan to the Scottish Highlands

Monday 10th June 2019

You've decided that you want to travel to Scotland, tick. You've got a list of places that you want to visit and you know roughly in what order, excellent. You've decided to hire a campervan to have complete freedom to explore every hidden gem, and to have the means to stop in places that you fall in love with. A VW T6 campervan offers you adventure in every sense of the word, and in comfort.

If you haven't found a VW camper yet, view our available T6 VW campervan for hire in Yorkshire, a great starting point for journeys to the home of Irn-Bru, scotch whiskey and Braveheart.

Here's our list of things to remember to do and pack before you travel to the Scottish Highlands in a campervan (curated from experience!):

1. Make An Offline Playlist

If you're going to be spending time in the Scottish Highlands, or travelling further afield to the Islands, prepare for signal blackouts! It helps you to relax and switch off but having music on-hand during the driving is a must.

2. Pack water

We recommend packing a couple of 5 litre bottles of water and replacing these at the next opportunity as soon as you use them. Should you choose to go wild camping for a few days, you'll have spare water to top up the water tank for the sink.

3. Bottle opener

It only takes opening a nice bottle of wine once with a knife to make you appreciate how essential it is to pack a bottle opener! Wine is much more enjoyable without crumbs of cork.

4. Microfibre tea towels and towels

Thinner than cotton, microfibre towels dry quickly so are perfect when travelling. If you're on the move, drape them over the back of the front seats whilst you're driving.

5. Insect repellent

Unless you're planning to visit Scotland in March-May (the best time to visit to avoid the midges), be sure to pack insect repellant! June, the first of the warmer months, is when they typically arrive.

Of course, there are some other obvious ones: toilet paper, carrier bags, detergent capsules (to save paying a silly amount for some powder/a capsule in campsites) and keeping change handy for small car parks.

To discuss VW campervan hire in Yorkshire, or to find out the price to hire, contact Ocean Breeze Campers today on 07969 720621 or email us. We offer a personal, friendly service. Your next self-drive holiday adventure awaits!